Why Teenagers Should Stick to Basic Bodybuilding Supplements

There is massive hype in the world of bodybuilding about supplement A and supplement B and so on, quite honestly they're all a waste of time and more importantly, a waste of money. In my opinion, if you're a teenage or beginning to lift, then you should only stick to basic supplements.

So what should I take?

Well, there are hundreds of bodybuilding supplements, drugs and hormones currently on the market, all of which are over hyped. They promise the world and quite often they don't deliver. So in my expert opinion I strongly recommend multi-vitamins, which you should be taking anyway. As well as, a high quality protein powered as well as regular omega-3 fish oil tables.

Why should I be taking these?

I don't know about you, but my body is my temple and I don't want to be pouring toxic waste into, as the supplement industry would like you to do. These are excellent nutrients, all of which your body will require in order to safely grow muscle tissue. So you should take them quite simply because they work. Furthermore, these are only basic supplements, so they're cheap.

What should I avoid?

There is no need to be buying supplements such as creatine, glutamine, testosterone boosters, fat burners or ever NO2 products. These can cost too much money and you shouldn't be taking such things in the first three to four years of your weight lifting life. This is as, your body may not be ready for such a supplement and therefore it may have an adverse reaction.

To conclude; although the supplement industry will have you believe that these products are simply magical, in actual fact they're not. You're much better off sticking with simple and basic bodybuilding supplements, this is on the basis that they work extremely effectively. And isn't it more important for teenagers to be saving their money for their first car or college, then spending money on stuff that doesn't work? I believe it is.

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