What is Nitric Oxide and Why Does the Body Need It?

Nitric Oxide is a molecule produced by the body to aid in vascular function. This molecule causes blood vessels to expand. Once expanded, blood vessels can function at higher levels. When the blood vessel diameter is increased blood will flow at higher amounts to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles and skeletal system.

For body builders nitric oxide is an important dietary supplement. Known as NO in workout circles, nitric oxide will give you a longer pump interval, increased strength, and rapid muscle recovery.

What Is It?

Nitric oxide is produced naturally by your body and, as stated, helps with blood flow. Once the diameter of your blood vessels has been expanded your circulatory system can send chemical messages through your blood stream to help improve and regulate bodily functions.

When nitric oxide is produced in your body it forms into a gas. This gas causes enzymes and amino acids to form and break down into chemical messengers. These messengers flow through the blood stream to help where needed. For example, nitric oxide, after going through these chemical changes, can help with the building of lean muscle mass.

Why Nitric Oxide

Body builders often find that they achieve better results when they use nitric oxide supplements. Once you begin to take a nitric oxide supplement you will immediately see results.

When nitric oxide opens the blood vessels to increase blood flow more oxygen is allowed to pass directly to your muscle tissue. This is important because the faster your muscles receive oxygen and other nutrients from the blood the faster you will recover between workouts and the more stamina you will have during your workouts.

Listen to Your Body

Your body will let you know if the nitric oxide levels in your body are too low. If you begin to feel weak during your workout you might be suffering from a lack of this molecule.

If you notice that you are becoming weak during a workout you should first look at your diet. Ensure you are getting the proper amount of calories and are consuming plenty of proteins and carbs. If your diet looks good and you are in good health you should consider a nitric oxide supplement.
For the typical bodybuilding supplement you will use one level scoop of supplement every day for a week. If your body seems to agree with the added nitric oxide and you see no negative side effects you can slowly increase your supplement intake to three scoops every day.

Possible side effects of nitric oxide supplements include an inability to get to sleep and headaches. If you suddenly note these symptoms after beginning your supplement you can back off of one scoop and begin your regimen with a smaller amount until your body gets used to the added amount in your system.

If you want to increase your pump time, your strength, and your ability to recover between workouts you should definitely consider beginning a nitric oxide supplement regimen.



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