What is Nitric Oxide?

So just what is nitric oxide and how can it be useful in helping to increase lean muscle mass? NO (nitric oxide) is a free form gas which the body produces and helps the cells within it to communicate with each other. It is this gas when produce contains an enzyme which then is able to break down the amino acid known as arginine. It is a molecule which contains one atom of nitrogen and one of oxygen.

This particular gas is produced by many different cells in our bodies and it is particularly important as it helps to control the flow of blood throughout the body. As it is so important in relation to the functions of the vascular part of the body if production of NO becomes abnormal this can then seriously affect how the blood flows around the body and causes problems relating to all vascular functions.

Although this compound is actually toxic it still plays a very important role within the body and helps with following:-

1. It acts as a blood vessel relaxant (vasodilator).
2. It can control the amount of blood flowing to the body tissues.
3. It helps to regulate both the binding and release of oxygen into haemoglobin.
4. It can control the amount of oxygen that is provided to the cells in our body which then generate energy.
5. It helps to kill off parasitic organisms along with virus infected cells and those cells which have become tumorous.
6. It can help to stimulate the production of mitochondria.

Because of these benefits many people are now using nitric oxide supplements as a way of helping to increase their lean muscle mass and such ones as Niox have now become favored by bodybuilders and athletes alike.

However when bodybuilders or athletes are considering using such supplements it is important that they look at what other products they are using as well. Unfortunately there are such products as protein powders which can be detrimental to a person’s health when they start taking nitric oxide supplements as well. Simply because both contain quite a high amount of amino acid within them.

Certainly many people find that by taking too much amino acid can cause certain side effects that they would not notice if they just took protein powders or nitric oxide supplements alone. Plus because of the increase flow of blood around the body caused by the vessels becoming relaxed through the use of nitric oxide this means that more of the essential nutrients that bodybuilders and athletes need get to where they are required.



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