Tribulus Terrestris: Aphrodisiac, Steroid and Tranquilizer

Tribulus terrestris
is a prostrate annual herb belonging to the Zygophyllaceae family of flowering plants. It is commonly known as Puncture Vine, Caltrop, Yellow Vine and Goathead.

The herb is found in warm temperate and tropical regions of the world in Southern Europe, South Asia, Africa and Northern Australia. It is found in abundance in sandy oils throughout India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is also known to thrive in desert climates and poor quality soil.

The principal constituent of Tribulus Terrestris is harmine and has been used in traditional medicine in India and China for centuries. It is a diuretic drug and is used to treat urolithiasis, dysurea, infertility, erectile dysfunction and impotence. It has also become popular as a drug known to improve sports performance. It can be used by both men and women.

Research shows that Tribulus terrestris increases levels of the hormones testosterone, DHEA and estrogen. In Indian Ayurveda the herb is known as gokshura and is widely used in tonics and capsules.

Benefits of Tribulus terrestris
· The active compounds in Tribulus terrestris are known as steroidal saponins and are found primarily in the leaf of the plant. The herb is known for its tonic and aphrodisiac properties, is known to increase the quantity of semen and helps in the treatment of genitourinary tract diseases.

· Tribulus terrestris increases testosterone levels. Besides muscle-building and raising fertility and libido, testosterone also has a positive effect on the bone marrow activity and enhances red blood cell production thereby boosting the immune system.

· Tribulus terrestris is also known to enhance sports performance and body weight composition.

· The roots and fruit of Tribulus terrestris are sweet, laxative, cardiotonic, appetizer and lithontriptic in nature. Vitiated conditions of vat and pitta, renal and vesical calculi, anorexia, dyspepsia
, helminthiasis, cough and asthma can be treated by the herb.

· The seeds are known for their astringent and strengthening properties and are useful in epistaxis, hemorrhages and ulcerative stomatitis.

· The ash of Tribulus terrestris is good for external application in rheumarthritis.

· Tribulus terrestris enhances mental concentration, focus and mood, its melatonin component helps you treat sleep disorders, enhances vision, acts as a food supplement and increases energy and vitality.

Tribulus terrestris is taken as a dose between 85 to 250 mg three times a day with meals. But before consuming the drug one must consult his physician.

· Tribulus terrestris is nor advisable for pregnant or nursing women.
· People with hormone dependent conditions such as breast or prostrate cancer should not consume the drug.
· The drug is known to cause a toxic effect in sheep resulting in a chronic, progressive, irreversible disorder in the dopamine circuits of the nigrostriatal complex in the brain leading to impaired muscle function and weakness in the hindquarters eventually leading to death.

Side Effects
Medical literature does not claim to have any reports of Tribulus terrestris side effects till date. Little is known about the long-term use of this drug in humans. However, high doses of Tribulus terrestris can lead to a feeling of restlessness, insomnia and rapid heart beat. Excessive use of the drug can also result in increased body temperature.



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