Protein Supplements in Fat Burning Diets - Do You Need One?

Protein supplements in fat burning diets are controversial. Lots of diet and fitness experts swear by them. Others think they are a complete waste of money, and an advertising gimmick drummed up by the diet and fitness industry. Perhaps you have tried them in the past, or are using one now. If so, you most likely have an opinion already based on whether or not they have helped you in your efforts to lose weight.

The theory of using supplements in weight loss is based around the idea that our bodies need high quality nutrition in order to keep our internal furnace working at optimal level. If our metabolism is not functioning efficiently, we will not be able to burn off the calories necessary to lose weight. In addition, protein is essential in building muscle. When our bodies contain a higher percentage of muscle and less fat, we are able to passively burn more calories throughout the day.

Powdered protein supplements that are specifically designed for weight loss are low in calories. They contain high quality protein, and they often have added nutritional ingredients as well. They tend to fill us up, and can help to decrease hunger. As we all know, hunger is a big factor in diet failure. Finding ways to trick our hunger and lessen it, is an important key to success in losing weight.

Supplements Or Real Food, Which Is Better?

But why not just cook up a big piece of chicken, or add some other protein to our diet. Wouldn't it be just as good to then toss in some healthy vegetables and get our nutrients that way. Why do we need to use these expensive powders? It is pretty much agreed that lean protein and good nutrition is necessary in our diets for optimal nutrition. Whether to use protein supplements, or just eat real food is the issue that has people taking sides.

One reason to favor supplements may be that our modern diets are often deficient in many nutrients, even when we eat all the right foods. Our modern farming methods have depleted our soils in many areas, and the nutritional value of our foods is probably less in a lot of cases than it was in times past. To get the same nutritional value of some supplements, we may have to consume impractical quantities of food. When our bodies are not optimally nourished, we can be set up for all kinds of cravings. A properly nourished body in theory, will experience less cravings for things like sugar and other unhealthy foods.

A second reason to supplement may be your activity levels. If you are very active, you may need extra protein and more nutrition than you can get from just food alone. If you are a body builder, or high intensity athlete you most likely are already using some kind of supplement to ensure that you continue to build and maintain needed muscle, and have adequate calories to fuel your furnace.

How To Choose A Supplement

When choosing a supplement, you will want to make sure that you are getting adequate protein in a high quality form. Choose a bar or drink that does not have a lot of sugar. As protein supplements have become more popular, they are available everywhere. Many of them are not high quality and they contain way too much sugar. The added sugars are wasted calories of no nutritional value. They also may actually make you more hungry by making your blood sugar spike, and then drop after the sugar rush has passed.

Individual Factors in Deciding To Use Protein Supplements

Here are some factors to consider when you are deciding to use, or not use protein supplements in your diet.

1. Time

If you are on the go and don't always have time to cook a good meal, supplements may be a good option for you.

They can be quick to make. You can keep them with you when you are on the go, or traveling. You have options of drinks, and ready made bars that can be carried in your purse or car. You can use them as a meal replacement.

2. Individual Preference

Some people like the taste of some of the protein supplements. The taste of these foods has improved in recent years. They may make you feel more in control of your food plan, or you may feel they are a nuisance.

4. You Activity Level and Lifestyle.

This is an important factor in deciding to add protein supplements to your diet. If you are very sedentary and inactive, you may not need them. If you are a body builder, or do a lot of physical activity, you may find them to be really helpful, or necessary in order to get enough nutrition to build muscle mass.

Conclusion-You Decide

After considering the options, the choice I recommend is that you make your own informed decision based on your goals, and lifestyle. You decide whether or not it makes sense to make protein supplements part of your weight loss plan. Experiment and find out what works best for you. Take control of your own body, and what will work best in your individual situation.

Your best guide is how you feel. You are in the best position to know the answer to this question, not your doctor or trainer.



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