Protein Supplement - Do You Eat Right To Get The Essential Amino Acids?

There are many types of protein supplements available in the market nowadays. As a consumer looking for complete and balanced nutrients, are you confused over too many choices of them?

There is no denying that protein is a vital nutrient for general health and hundreds of specific functions in he body.

Protein is essential for growth, maintenance and repair. It is also used to make enzymes, which speed up biochemical reactions, and antibodies, substances that fight infections.

Your body gets protein from your diet and the body uses it to manufacture amino acids, which are the basic building blocks for different types of protein. Human body can manufacture enough of eleven of them. Nine others, called essential amino acids, either cannot be made by the body or cannot be manufactured in sufficient amounts. We must get them from our diets.

Are You Eating The Right Protein Supplement?

What type of protein supplement do you need? If you are looking for protein supplement to enhance your athletic performance, you must eat the right type of protein supplement to achieve your result.

There are specific protein supplements specially designed for athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters. Normally, the claims for these types of protein are such as

* Build muscles or increase strength
* Improve endurance
* Boost energy level

On the other hand, protein supplement designed to fill the dietary gap is far different from the protein supplement specially made for sports men or women.

This type of protein supplement guarantees to provide essential amino acids. The essential amino acid supplement is meant to insure that you have sufficient the 9 essential amino acids that your body cannot manufacture hence your body can use these amino acids to perform the necessary functions.

When your body is lack of essential amino acids, the symptoms are as follow:

* Depression and fatigue
* Muscle weakness
* Allergies
* Obesity
* Sleeplessness

If you posses the above symptoms for a prolong symptoms, you may at risk of essential amino acid deficiency.

When Do I Need To Take Protein Supplement?

You must eat from the right group of protein food sources such as eggs, cheese fish, lean meat or milk to get the essential amino acids. If you are already eating protein from this group of protein food but in sufficiently, then you may want to consider supplement your diet with protein supplement, which can provide you the nine essential amino acids.

Whether you are doing sports or just want to insure your body performs its normal functions well, you need protein, especially sufficient essential amino acid, which is derive from your diet or protein supplement.

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