How To Evaluate Nutritional Supplements - The First Of Six Criteria

There are thousands upon thousands of nutritional supplements available in the market with each one promising various health benefits. Due to insufficient regulations governing the supplement industry which do not correctly address supplement quality, the market has become flooded with poorly put together supplements not based on good science.

Physicians Management Journal backs this up by saying that one in three dollars used on nutritional supplements is WASTED!

We are now living in an information age and smart consumers are able to easily research nutritional supplement choices before they buy, particularly on-line. They are only too well aware that the multitudes of supplements competing for their supplement dollar are not equal in terms of efficacy, safety and value for money.

However a major problem exists in that the information put out by virtually all supplement companies, including the large, well known, U.S. multi nationals, is less than truthful. The marketing presentations by these companies are very clever and are designed to hide product weaknesses while attempting to wow people with fancy scientific buzz terms that make their supplements appear better than they really are.

To overcome this consumers need a transparent way to easily and properly evaluate and compare nutritional supplements in order to avoid the rubbish and zero in on the best vitamin supplements in the market.

I previously worked for a leading manufacturer in the nutritional supplement industry and as a result was able to learn the secrets and shortcuts that supplement manufacturers take. During this time I gained access to a world renowned bio-scientist who has produced close to 200 new pharmaceutical and health supplement formulas. He showed me how to evaluate and compare nutritional supplements through six easy to use criteria and I created a website to teach supplement users how to use these criteria.

All supplements regardless of how many ingredients they contain can be evaluated by using either all or most of the following criteria.

* The formula

* Ingredient quality

* Bioavailability (absorption)

* Manufacturing protocols and standards

* Synergy

* Value for money

Let's look at how to use the first of these criteria, The Formula.


The evaluating part is straightforward but when comparing nutritional supplements it's important to compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges. So the type of supplements compared must be of the same general category.

For example there's no point in comparing a herbal supplement, taken to treat a specific condition, and containing one or two major active ingredients (the herbs or extracts from them), and some other vitamins or minerals acting as co-factors; with a multi ingredient supplement containing 80 ingredients taken for overall wellness and preventative health-care.

A multi ingredient nutritional vitamin supplement must be compared with another multi ingredient supplement where both have been formulated for the same health benefits and so on.

There are three things to consider when using a supplement formula as criteria to help evaluate a supplement.

* Are the key active ingredients well established as the most beneficial and effective nutrients for their target objective in the body, and what is the total number of these ingredients in the product.

* Whether the dose amounts of selected key ingredients fall within clinically established ranges for health benefits.

* Whether the dose amounts of all vitamins and minerals are within established safe upper limits.


Here's an example to explain this point more clearly.

Let's say that that you're a man and you're looking for a multi-ingredient health supplement that offers two benefits in particular-to strengthen your immune system and provide protection for your prostate.

In order to find the best supplement for the job you need to know the most effective and beneficially proven nutrients for the immune system and prostate. Then you can check supplement labels to see the extent to which these nutrients are included (if at all).

So once you know the most potent nutrients for each body system and organ you can simply create a checklist when studying supplement labels. The best vitamin supplements will have formulas which target every system and organ in your body!




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