Creatine Powder Controversy!

Creatine powder has been the latest body building supplement
to hit the market and has courted no shortage of controversy for one simple reason: is the new kid on the block and there is not a great deal of empirical evidence as to the risks associated with it.

Many consumers have went about to buy creatine monohydrate powder without actually educating themselves as to what they are ingesting, and then proceed to take way more than they should.

This makes things much difficult, to assess and anaylse.

Before you do decide to buy creatine, please make sure you read the following points so as to provide yourself with a better appreciation for what this supplement is.

Pure creatine, liquid creatine, creatine powder, it does not matter what shape or form it comes in, as creatine is the same irrespective of how it is packaged and it is derived from amino acids (which are themselves, the building blocks and chemical components which are used to create proteins).

Upon hearing this many novice and health conscious body builders get extremely alarmed by this as they are concerned that the creatine supplement is synthetic and therefore bad for you.

In truth, we already consume creatine and most likely on a daily basis because it is typically located in a number of different types of meat including chicken and beef and it is not solely used within the body building profession but also within the medical community as well in a bid to tackle some specific types of neurological disorders.

There have been side effects reported by people who have used creatine, and these include the likes of:

* Abdominal cramping. A tight, unpleasant “clenching” sensation in the abdominal region, this is caused due to higher levels of water being retained by the body which is unfortunately a side effect of the creatine supplement.

* A more worrying side effect that has been reported by users is that there is a risk of dependency developing, whereby the body becomes dependant on the drug for sustenance. Many users have reported that after taking the supplement for a number of months and then stopping, they have noticed a significant lag in their overall fitness, energy levels and general motivation to exercise.

* There has also been anecdotal evidence to suggest that water retention maybe taken to the extreme meaning that the user appears to be overweight when they are not (suffer from facial and abdominal bloating.)Before taking creatine powder please consult with your physician.


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