Cheer Up--you are Ever Young With Tribulus Terrestris

If you have NOT come across the following deficiencies-- Cheer up
Men crossing 35 and Women crossing 30 ages are caught up into one or the other problems mentioned below.

1) Low Energy level
2) Increase in Body Fat
3) Declining Metabolism
4) Failing in Sexual drive & Stamina
5) Reducing Muscle Mass and Strength
6) Mental and Physical functioning getting weak.

The agony towards the same is unique and affects each and every individual psychologically.

Fortunately nature has given some herbs to avoid the mentioned deficiency, envisaging that humans will get relief by nature, if they live along with nature and not destroying it.

The great herb which nature has given us to get rescued is TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS .It is a safe dietary supplement.

What is TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS ?- It is a herb, basically a member of the Zygophyllaceae family which is available in most part of the world . It helps to avoid the above said problems. It is also called as caltrop, tackweed, ground burnut, puncture weed, bullhead, goathead, Mexican sandbur. It is called as Gokshura in Ayurveda

WHY PEOPLE SUFFER FROM THE AGING PROBLEMS? Testosterone is one of the primary hormones that control the aging process in our body. Testosterone is in peak level when we are at twenty’s and the production of the same in our body reduces by 10 to 15% in every Traditionally. This affects the health condition of Men and Women and hence the problems.

WHY TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS? Tribulus terrestris increase testosterone level by increasing Gonadotrapin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) .This inturn increases luteinizing hormone(LH) levels .This LH helps cells to produce more testosterone.
It is a great Dietary Supplement, having the ability to increase our body’s natural testosterone production by over 30%
It is being used as traditional medicine in China and India for centuries.

In Turkey – As medicine for blood pressure, cholesterol , sexual impotence, abdominal distention, kidney problem and cough remedy.
In Europe – For Headache, nervous disorders, constipation and sexual dysfunction, muscle strength.
In China and India –Liver, Kidney, Urinary and Cardiovascular remedies
Ancient Greece- Rejuvenation tonic

Tribulus also helps in supporting sexual function as below
1) Libido
2) Erectile function
3) Orgasms and climaxes
4) Energy and stamina
Both Men and Women can use TT.
Its ash is used as pain reliever for arthritis when applied externally.

Consuming TT is legally accepted worldwide.
For Athlete and Body builders –Olympic athletes have acknowledged that TT has helped them to improve their performance. It is widely used by Body Builders and weight trainers. It is popular and used as sports performance aid.

Dosage per day –Normally it is 3.21mg for 1 Kg weight of the body
If consumed above 500mg, people will feel more energy; feel warmer, slightly faster heartbeat, restlessness, low BP. However no problem have been reported if consumed below 300mg,
Who should not consume-Pregnant or nursing women, persons with breast or prostate cancer should avoid.

In a nut shell Tribulus Terrestris helps in Rejuvenation, Arthritis pain relief, Controlling blood pressure & Cholesterol, maintain better Immune System, avoid Hair loss, Increased lean muscle mass, Better respiratory system, Increased stamina and libido.
Now once again read the 6 points, indicated in the beginning of the article regarding problem faced by aging Men and Women.
Tribulus Terrestris is an excellent dietary supplement to improve Vigor, Vitality and Stamina.



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