Build Muscle Fast With These Ten Powerful Tips!

By the time you finish reading this series of eating tipsyou will have the basics down to eating to build musclefast!If You want to build muscle fast you have to eat right tobuild muscle!

So Part One will focus on this crucial yet misunderstood element to build muscle fast.Building muscle fast takes much more than just eatingtobuild muscle though. In following Parts of this course we will cover:

Lesson 2: Training To Build Muscle Fast

Lesson 3: Rest And Recuperation For Building Muscle

Lesson 4: Planning A Routine For Building Muscle

Lesson 5: Supplements To Build Muscle

Lesson 6: Answers To Some Commonly AskedQuestions about Building Muscle.If you would like to receive all 6 parts of this Mini Courseto build muscle by email, you can go to here and sign up.Each one of these jam packed lessons needs to beapplied to your muscle growth routine if you truly wantto build muscle as fast as you can!By time you are finished reading this mini course youwill be well on your way to knowing what it takes to buildmuscle fast...even build muscle explosively!!

Tip-1: Eat Enough Food To Build Muscle

Eating enough food to build muscle for us skin flints isnot as it seems.In order to build muscle I have seen consistently withmy tests on over a thousand skinny males that the usual recommended calorie intake of 12- 14 calories perpound of bodyweight is not enough to build muscle.So if this is not enough to build muscle what is? Forskinny guys, A total daily calorie intake of 19 caloriesper pound bodyweight seems to be the magic number.Of course when you are eating this much it is importantto be eating the right foods in the right combinationsand times.

Tip-2: Eat the Right Types of Food So You IncreaseMuscle...Not Turn Into a Fat Pig!!

Eating to build muscle is not as simple as just eatingenough calories. You need to eat the right calories!What are the right calories? I recommend foods that arehigh in nutritional value to promote building muscle andnot fat gain!An example of this would be to eat a steak with green vegetables totaling 600 calories than deep fried chicken nuggets for 800 calories.Another example would be to eat a bowl of oatmeal forbreakfast instead of a bowl of Captain Crunch Cereal.Eat nutritionally dense foods and to get the most out ofyour meals combine foods together that are compatiblefor best digestion.

Tip-3: Combine The Right Foods

Do you want to build muscle without gaining excess fat?Orhow about avoid indigestion?(Indigestion is bad for assimilating nutrition out of foodfor buildingmuscle) or...stop blowing sick farts at work, in class orworst of all when you meet new people in elevators!Then you need to systematically combine your foods atevery meal.Combining foods is a science but luckily easy to learn.

For now I will give you some examples of good foodcombinationsand bad food combinations for buildingmuscle:Good Food Combinations for Building Muscle:Protein and fibrous carbs (steak and spinach salad)Protein and fats (Chicken Cordon Bleu)Bad Food Combinations For Building Muscle:Protein and simple carbohydrates (many weight gainpowders, most meal replacement bars )Carbohydrates and fats (cheese bread,pizza)Once you are eating good food combinations at eachfood serving it is important to follow the next step:

Tip-4: Eat Consistently On a Schedule

Eating consistently on a schedule is crucial to providequality nutrients for building muscle when your bodyneeds them.A good rule to follow is to eat every two to three hoursand never space two meals more than five hours apart.If you are eating the right foods consistently like thisthen you should always keep your body in an positivemuscle building state.But for us hard gainers there are some undergroundsecrets you can follow to really boost muscle growthfrom a nutritional stand point.The next trick to sustain an explosive growth spurt is toeat the right foods at the right times.

Tip-5: Eat The Right Foods At The Right Times

By modifying your meals slightly at particular timesduring your daily routine you can increase lean musclegrowth.There are two times when we modify our meals formaximum energy,assimilation to build muscle mosteffectively, breakfast time and after our workouts.



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